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Welcome to CR&GC’s website.

We are a full-bore rifle club affiliated to the NRA (No. 174) and operate under the approval of the Scottish Government (Ref. DDG 5/5 N1).

We shoot regularly at our range on Cawdor Estate at distances up to 600yds.

We shoot all year round, weather permitting.  Our range days cover all types of firearms and we have a selection of competitions - some more serious than others - to encourage participation at all levels.

CR&GC News

Range Procedures HO Guidance on Firearms Licensing


Harvester Competition

Competition was held on 29 Sep.  All scores ex 150)

Congratulation to Jamie (FTR 146.13), Andy (TR 148.18) and Donald (SR 67.02)

Well done to Andy who achieved a PB at 500 scoring 75.10.


Col. Campbell Handicap

The decision was taken before shooting that no handicaps would be applied. All scores ex 150

Congratulations to Jamie D-W FTR 144.11, David Smith SR 129 and Andy Bochel TR 135.07.  All other scores in members area.


Twilight Trophy

Changing conditions from puffs of wind and showers to flat calm, dry and midgies!

Congratulations to Jamie D-W FTR 149.09 ex 150, David Smith SR 60 ex 75 and Mark Joyce TR 144.02 ex 150.  All scores in member’s area.




Club Championships

Congratulations to Jamie D-W FTR 195.16 ex 200, David Smith SR 131 ex 150 and Andy Bochel TR 192.08 ex 200.  All other scores in members area.


Centennial 600 Match

Congratulations to Pete Dingle FTR with  a score of 72.5 and David Smith SR & TR with scores of 65 & 72.5 respectively.  All other scores in members area.


Malta Tankard

Congratulations to Paul Furness with a score of 44, narrowly beating David Smith by 1.  All scores in the members area.


Munro Memorial Match

Congratulations to the winners, Jamie D-W F/TR 147.07, David Smith SR 62 and Mark Joyce TR 147.07  All scores are in the members area.


600yd Spoons

Congratulations to the winners, Jamie D-W F/TR 72.08, David Smith SR 43 and Mark Joyce TR 70.05.  All scores are in the members area.


Scottish Historical is now back to 8 Sep.  Charity Shoot gallery added


Prog on website is now correct


500yd Spoons

Congratulations to the winners, Jamie D-W F/TR 75.11, David Smith SR 69 and Mark Joyce TR 75.10.  All scores are in the members area.


Details of AFBGC Wapinshaw and the Scottish Historical are under the Programme Tab.  Date currently shown on site for Scottish Historical is incorrect.  It should be 1 Sep.

Dates for comps at Blair maybe incorrect on our programme apart from the Crosses.  I’ll correct ASAP

Charity Shoot

We had great weather for this and so far looks like we have raised just under £500 for MS Scotland.  Pics will be up on the gallery soon.  David Smith retained the trophy.

7/5/19 Highland Tankard

Congratulations to David Smith, who won this with a score of 80 ex 100.  All scores in members area.

14/4/19 300yd Spoons

The first full-bore competition was held on a pleasant day with some very interesting wind conditions.  Congratulations to the winners, F/TR George Miller 72.5, TR Mark Ferrari 66.4 and SR Kevin Dann 54.

27/2/19 Buried Bullet

Eleven shooters took part on a fine, sunny day.  Competition was close, but Paul Furness took the honours with 143 ex 150.


We will now revert to normal range times, aiming to commence shooting at 1000, so please arrive around 0900-0915 to get range set up.

Remainder of the dates for the year will go onto Dutyman either tonight or tomorrow.

2019 AGM is 1917 on April1 in Cawdor Community Centre.