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Inverness-shire Rifle Association Open Competition

After a two-year break due to the Covid Pandemic, the 90th Inverness-shire Rifle Association Open was held at Cawdor in August 2022.  In former times, it was a very large event held at Fort George and the competitions were competed for by individuals as well as teams from various Army Battalions and RAF bases.  Due to budget constraints, military involvement fell away and it is now a two-day series of competitions for civilian shooters.  The range of trophies is impressive, although not as ornate or valuable as the ones which are no longer shot for which can be seen in the Highlander’s Museum at Fort George.

Over the two days, there are seven trophies for both TR (this discipline has two classes) and F/TR, plus the Astor Tankard for the top TR shooter who is born or resident in the Grampian/Highland area.  The complete course of fire involves 98 rounds, from 300 meters to 600 yards.  It attracts shooters of all levels, including those who have shot at International Level to experienced club shots. This competition generates points which count in the Scottish Grand Master competition which held over four competitions, with the Inverness competition being the only one away from Blair Atholl.

We had 24 entrants, mostly from all over Scotland but also from south of the border.  It was good to see shooters taking part in their first serious competition, as well as welcoming back more experienced shots.

Saturday started of with some miserable rain showers.  Great debate over whether to get out the gazebos or hope for it to pass over.  The decision was made to get a bit damp and the competition began.  Luckily the weather passed over and we continued the day with only the odd shower.  This was the first year with the Silver Mountain electronic scoring system.  All went well with no dramas.  Well, apart from someone locking their keys in their car!  The ‘spares’ were requested and the box duly arrived.  Sadly, it didn’t contain the keys and the owner had to resort to breaking a small window!

Sadly the gremlins set in at the 500 shoot and one of the targets refused to co-operate.  Running with one lane short meant we shortened the 600 course of fire and one of the cups had to use scores from Sunday instead.  Sunday was glorious sunshine - and a bit of a nasty wind.  Both comps were shortened to compensate for the failed target.

Angus and Claire divided the Class A silverware between them.  In Class B, Peter K and Mark F won the Sat and Sun Aggregate trophies respectively.  Mark J won the Astor tankard.  In F/TR, the majority of the silverware went to Paul, apart from Vincent winning the Bingham Cup and Graeme winning the Col. Johnston Quaich.


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